High School Small Group Instruction Professional Development

High School Small Group Instruction Professional Development

Empower Consultants use a visual presentation along with handouts to build teacher capacity for incorporating small group instruction into the Secondary classroom. Teachers are taught how to identify students for small group instruction and group them appropriately, develop content for this instruction time, manage their time, best practice instructional activities for the small group setting, and how to informally assess or progress monitor students so that small groups are a fluid part of classroom instruction. Sample schedules are provided as well as a sample lesson planner and form to progress monitor students based on the standards or skills being taught. All information provided on small group instruction at the Secondary level is
research based and includes the idea of Gradual Release of Responsibility as an instructional pedagogy.

Participants Learn or Receive:

  • How to structure a small group using Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Time Management within the small group
  • Different ways to group students to optimize learning
  • Student engagement strategies
  • How to Progress Monitor students growth
  • A sample small group organizer
  • A sample lesson plan
  • A sample progress monitoring tool
  • A sample schedule based on Secondary period or block scheduling

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