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The heart of it all

We are coaches.

We know the best way to ensure professional development is meaningful and lasting is to help teachers put into practice what they have learned. To that end, we use our knowledge to provide schools with customized professional development and student-centered coaching on how to effectively implement core skills and strategies in today’s classroom.

We coach teachers on the practical implementation of research and theory, best-first instructional practices, implementing standards, carefully utilizing data analysis & assessment, and blending deep content knowledge. These are all vital in empowering today’s teachers and students.

We are learning products.

After years of listening to and supporting teachers, one thing became clear— the innovative, sustainable solutions we were looking for didn’t always exist. We needed access to better products to make it easier for teachers to teach and for students to learn. The next logical step was to tap into our own expertise and years of classroom experience to develop truly effective we did!

All of our classroom and at-home products are research based, teacher tested, and student approved! They are simple, easy-to-use, and support the current research on how kids think and learn best. We have products teachers can use to enhance instruction; materials designed to increase student engagement, understanding, and learning; and products designed to be used at home or outside of the classroom to bridge the gap between home and school.

Our materials are aligned to national core standards and state standards, and many of our products are available in both English and Spanish. And because we know today’s classrooms, we offer our products in both print and digital formats for in-person and virtual instruction.

We are connection builders.

At Empower, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with teachers that result in productive working partnerships. As today’s education brings new challenges, it is more important than ever to ask teachers what they need to be successful in helping their students learn and thrive. Nothing we do is “canned.” We focus on finding innovative, sustainable solutions to match each teacher’s needs and improve each student’s outcome.

Whether it's through professional development, instructional coaching, or learning products, we offer creative learning solutions to meet all of the needs of the schools, educators, and students we serve. We collectively know and believe each and every child deserves the best that education has to offer, and that if they are presented with the opportunity and support each child will grow their own way!

Intentional coaching

that empowers

educators and kids

to learn without limits.

Meet our team

Carol Baldwin-Director of Consulting

Carol Baldwin

Director of Consulting

Jen Crone-Director of Consulting

Jen Crone

Director of Consulting

Melissa Nordquist-Director of Consulting

Melissa Nordquist

Director of Consulting

Bertold Forlemu-Consultant

Bertold Forlemu


Brandy Lloyd-Consultant

Brandy Lloyd


Cathryn Forney-Consultant

Cathryn Forney


Chad McLeod-Consultant

Chad McLeod


Darcy DiCosmo-Consultant

Darcy DiCosmo


Dawn Schoenbein-Consultant

Dawn Schoenbein


Heather Lennon-Consultant

Heather Lennon


Jalen Richard-Consultant

Jalen Richard


Jennifer Dauscha-Consultant

Jennifer Dauscha


Josh Baker-Consultant

Josh Baker


Josh Martin-Consultant

Josh Martin


Karen Ross-Consultant

Karen Ross


Kelly Herrmann-Consultant

Kelly Herrmann


Laura Moore-Consultant

Laura Moore


Lisa King-Consultant

Lisa King


Patricia Scott-Consultant

Patricia Scott


Peggy Gregory-Consultant

Peggy Gregory


Rachel Gurr-Consultant

Rachel Gurr


Robin O’Bannon-Consultant

Robin O’Bannon


Sally Scott-Consultant

Sally Scott


Sarah Warren-Consultant

Sarah Warren


Shari Beardslee-Consultant

Shari Beardslee


Silvia Aparicio-Consultant

Silvia Aparicio


Stuart Telford-Consultant

Stuart Telford


Susette Gonzalez-Ortega-Consultant

Susette Gonzalez-Ortega


Tami Adkison-Consultant

Tami Adkison


Tonja Yalung-Consultant

Tonja Yalung


Tracey Sayet-Consultant

Tracey Sayet


Vaneza Gonzalez-Consultant

Vaneza Gonzalez


Vicki Meyn-Consultant

Vicki Meyn


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