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At the heart of it all

"We knew that Empower had to be a team made up of superheroes who each had their own special powers, so that when we came together we could change the world, one teachable moment at a time." Sue & Randy Yocum, founders

our vision

Each branch of Empower, Consulting and Connections, plays part in helping kids tap into their potential. We are all dedicated to our vision: Shaking up education and inspiring lifelong learners by empowering the whole child. In order to fulfill our vision and make the greatest impact, EEC must solidify its brand and make use of the digital world to announce all that we do.

our mission

Our mission is to make the hard things easy by modeling, showing, telling, sharing, and caring about our partners. We collectively know and believe that each and everychild deserves the best that education has to offer, and that if they are presented with the opportunity and support each child will grow their own way!

Meet our team

Sue Yocum-Co-Founder & CEO

Sue Yocum

Co-Founder & CEO

Randy Yocum-Co-Founder & CSO

Randy Yocum

Co-Founder & CSO

Jen Crone-Director of Consulting

Jen Crone

Director of Consulting

Carol Baldwin-Director of Consulting

Carol Baldwin

Director of Consulting

Melissa Nordquist-Director of Consulting

Melissa Nordquist

Director of Consulting

Bertold Forlemu-Consultant

Bertold Forlemu


Brandy Lloyd-Consultant

Brandy Lloyd


Cathryn Forney-Consultant

Cathryn Forney


Chad McLeod-Consultant

Chad McLeod


Darcy DiCosmo-Consultant

Darcy DiCosmo


Dawn Schoenbein-Consultant

Dawn Schoenbein


Fred Lybbert-Chief Technology Officer

Fred Lybbert

Chief Technology Officer

Jalen Richard-Consultant

Jalen Richard


Jennifer Dauscha-Consultant

Jennifer Dauscha


Josh Martin-Consultant

Josh Martin


Karen Ross-Consultant

Karen Ross


Kelly Herrmann-Consultant

Kelly Herrmann


Kelly Stevens-Director of Operations

Kelly Stevens

Director of Operations

Laura Moore-Consultant

Laura Moore


Patricia Scott-Consultant

Patricia Scott


Rachel Gurr-Consultant

Rachel Gurr


Ron Shafer-Warehouse & Materials Director

Ron Shafer

Warehouse & Materials Director

Sally Scott-Consultant

Sally Scott


Sarah Warren-Consultant

Sarah Warren


Shari Beardslee-Consultant

Shari Beardslee


Silvia Aparicio-Consultant

Silvia Aparicio


Stuart Telford-Consultant

Stuart Telford


Susette Gonzalez-Ortega-Consultant

Susette Gonzalez-Ortega


Tonja Yalung-Consultant

Tonja Yalung


Tracey Sayet-Consultant

Tracey Sayet


Vaneza Gonzalez-Consultant

Vaneza Gonzalez


Vicki Meyn-Consultant

Vicki Meyn


Interested in joining the team?

EEC’s challenges have evolved since we started in 2008. The educational landscape has gone through a transformation! As a result, effective PD is no longer a passive sit-and-get, and job-embedded supports are no longer optional. It is clear that our unique approach of meeting teachers and students where they are and building on their strengths is needed more now than ever.

Our work is not for the faint of heart! It’s tough working in the trenches with teachers and students to find practical solutions to their unique challenges.

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