Universal Design For Learning Professional Development

Universal Design For Learning Professional Development

Empower Consultants use a visual presentation along with handouts and a workshop style approach to build educator knowledge on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL.) UDL is a structure, based on cognitive science, through which educators build lesson plans and assessments that reach a diverse range of learners. Universal Design for Learning suggests
offering information in different modalities such as visual, audio, and hands on learning.

Universal Design for Learning also offers students flexibility to show their knowledge, including choosing between taking a paper pencil test, giving an oral presentation, or completing a group project. Finally, UDL encourages educators to find different ways to motivate and engage their students. These practices are particularly effective for those students with learning differences and English language learners.

Participants Learn or Receive:

  • The basic tenets of UDL (Representation, Action and Engagement, and Expression)
  • A Sample Lesson Plan
  • Student Engagement activities
  • Assessment options

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