Grow Your Own Way

The Empower story begins from the ground up. Literally. I was raised on a farm in Southern Utah, working side by side with my parents and grandparents; planting, weeding, harvesting, canning and selling our farm-fresh produce. My humble beginnings on our family farm is where the foundation for my “college and career readiness” was laid. Though I had many influential teachers along the way, none were as influential as my sweet grandparents.

My grandparents helped me to learn that hard work pays off, good things come to those who wait, and you learn a lot from mistakes that are made. I learned more math, science, and language skills than you could imagine…just by putting my hands, heart, and mind into my work daily. In addition to our farm, we owned and operated a fruit stand where I learned to weigh produce, calculate cost, and even count back change. I developed effective communication skills as I helped market our goods; I made signs and shared our personal stories of how the produce was grown and harvested (persuasive writing+information), as well as tales of our rich family heritage and history of our small town (narrative).

Because I had been given a strong and loving foundation, I was gaining irreplaceable principles and learning new things about myself every day. I learned that I could “grow” my own way. I became empowered! These small but mighty threads were weaved into the tapestry of my being. It’s who I am.

As I worked my way through the educational system, I had some really great teachers and some that were not so great. What I learned is that all teachers have an impact. Good or bad. Most of us have “that story” of the teacher who lifted us up or crushed our spirit; without question, teachers have a hand in changing the world.

The belief that all children deserve a hands-on, loving, learning environment has fueled my passion. Whether it be on a farm, in the city, or in the suburbs, I know and have seen that all children can grow….when the environment is right.

I made my way to the college of education to become a teacher; I knew that I could love and impact children for the better. I taught in the school system for years, until one day I was offered a job in Educational Publishing. I accepted the job with the hope, and nothing short of determination, to make a farther-reaching impact. The decision proved to be a good one, as it was there I met the love of my life.

I eventually realized that my passion for growing our educational system into a better learning environment was stalling out in publishing, so I decided to act, and act big! Encouraged and lifted by my husband, we both left the safety of our corporate jobs and took a leap of faith into the great unknown. . . and started Empower.

The idea behind Empower was based on one thing– I wanted children to experience the same strong foundation that I was so blessed to have….to be empowered! In my eyes, the individuals who impacted my life and sparked my love of learning were my real-life superheroes. I knew that Empower had to be a team made up of superheroes who each had their own special powers, so that when we came together we could change the world, one teacher at a time.

Our Empower team does impact the world daily through their love, dedication, and coaching. Each team member has unique individual qualities, but they all have a common thread: they always do what’s best for kids. Our mission is to make the hard things easy by modeling, showing, telling, sharing, and caring about our partners. We collectively know and believe that each and every child deserves a great teacher, and that if they have the best teachers each child will grow their own way too!

We can’t wait to partner with you! Let’s grow together!