Empower Educational Consulting is a professional development company that empowers children
by empowering teachers and schools. Spend some time with us and find out why EMPOWERed schools get results!


Empower Educational Consulting is one of the most dynamic, results-oriented professional development firms in education today. Our company provides on-site PD and training that target the core skills and strategies every teacher needs to be effective in today’s classroom as they teach Literacy, ELL, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Technology.

We coach teachers on the practical implementation of research and theory, best first instructional practices, strong standards-based teaching, carefully utilizing data analysis & assessment, and blending deep content knowledge. These are all vital in empowering today’s teachers and students.



Our consultants provide impactful, effective professional development trainings, keynotes, and institutes; however, our commitment to teachers and schools does not stop there. We believe that job-embedded coaching is the key to enable a teacher to maintain purposeful instructional delivery methods and consistent classroom management, while implementing the use of technology and teaching standards. We know that by supporting each teacher, side by side in their classroom, the impact will be felt for generations to come!


We are one of the only professional development companies that partners directly with schools and truly customizes each proposed partnership to ensure meaningful, authentic, and engaging professional development and coaching. Our focus is on innovation, improvement, accountability, and sustainability. Nothing we do is “canned.” We are able to respond to the specific needs of each school because we are on site, flexible, and knowledgeable. Our objective is to provide schools with solution-based, high-quality, job-embedded professional development. We simultaneously instruct on and model BEST teaching practices, classroom management strategies, consistent student engagement, and always embed technology solutions in our coaching and professional development.


Our ready-to-use Math, Literacy, and Science Foundational Skills Work Station Kits are written and designed for teachers by teachers. Each kit is a collection of hands-on games and activities, centers, and instructional routines that are suitable to be used as centers, in small groups, or whole class settings. Our flexible and easy-to-use kits provide essential practice for students while giving teachers precious instructional time.


What are they saying?

  • Ladies -I just want you to know how jazzed I am about the progress WE made last year on AIMS and AZLEARNS. And, I am so thankful to all of you for getting us turned in the right direction, pushing us but nurturing at the same time. Our final score was 116 points - just 4 points from a B (and we didn't get our 3-point ELL bonus). Based on 800 tests taken, if we had gotten 4 more kids to pass Reading and 4 more to pass Math, we would have made it to a B. The staff is already talking about becoming an A school! So, thanks a million. You are the Charlie's Angels of school improvement.

    Principal K-8 Elementary
  • Thank you so much for giving Tom and I the opportunity to meet with Jen today. I feel like I really learned a lot that will help me  this year while teaching  reading. Her center ideas are also great enough to adapt when teaching other subjects. Of all the training I have gotten this year this session was definitely the most helpful. Jen's enthusiasm and patience to train us really made me comfortable to ask questions and share my thoughts on the matter. She is wonderful!! Have a great weekend! Thanks again!

    3rd grade teacher K-8 Elementary
  • I am thrilled...we LOVE Phyllis...and she has become part of our District family...so I am so excited to have her on board!!!

    District Coordinator
  • I would like to take an opportunity to thank all people remotely involved with funding, scheduling, and allowing Vaneza Gonzales to provide Storytown consultation to WESD.  Vaneza proved to be a valuable resource during my first year in this District as well as my first exposure to the Harcourt curriculum. During my second year, she continues to gently push me to challenge myself, refine my approaches, and reflect on classroom practices. I had the opportunity to spend an entire day with her again today on our campus.  This one-on-one time to discuss specific concerns, personal areas-of-growth, and additional strategies to implement in my classroom are priceless. All strategies discussed today can be implemented during my very next lesson with very little effort or resources.  This is the inherent value Vaneza provides during her visits to campus.  My time is precious and over-taxed;  adopting strategies to teach smarter instead of harder are the key to my heart, mind, and soul. Vaneza has a fantastic energy, passion, and belief in our District’s commitment to reading, Harcourt’s resources, and professional development.  Please do not hesitate to schedule her, schedule me, or provide additional opportunities for future collaborations on and off my campus.  I think it is important to celebrate our successes while looking at areas for opportunity when reflecting on our professional development seminars.  Our valuable budget resources are clearly being well used with this important resource. The ability to fund substitutes and schedule her to work specifically with my grade-level for an entire day is no small task in our current economic situation.  I appreciate those of you working behind the scenes crunching numbers to make this resource available.  I eagerly await her next visit.

    6th Grade Teacher Elementary School